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Shinkurou Kurenai, a 16-year-old student by day and a disagreement mediator by night, is a student by day and a dispute mediator by night. Despite being kind-hearted and patient, he has spent years training to live on owing to his traumatic history. Despite his unimposing look, he is now a formidable martial artist with an unusual power. While working for his boss, Benika Juuzawa, Shinkurou is assigned to live with Murasaki Kuhouin as her bodyguard. Murasaki, the seven-year-old daughter of a plutocratic family, left her home under unusual circumstances with the assistance of Benika. In her perspective, everyday existence is strange. However, through engaging with her neighbors, she becomes more acclimated to the daily routine and loses her haughty attitude, eventually becoming devoted to Shinkurou.

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